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The Plumb Line: New & Revised



The Plumb Line

The Measure of The Stature of The Fullness of Christ!

As we travel on the Journey of Life in Christ, we will face a continual series of decisions where we are given the choice to surrender our wills and our ways, choose to pick up our cross and go after Jesus. It is a Journey of relinquishing the old ways that have hindered us through repentance, and an invitation to Christ to fill us the Holy Spirit. This is the process of appropriating the death we died in Christ on the Cross, and the resurrection Life we have inherited in Him.

The Plumb Line walks with you on such a Journey; with each chapter you are given the opportunity to choose to die to the old ways and consequently to receive the resurrection Life of Christ in that particular place. It is designed to be a Journey of deliverance, releasing freedom and liberty that is our inheritance in Christ, as we traverse the Way of the Cross. There is nothing more exhilarating than freedom in Christ, where we are no longer imprisoned by sin, but rather, we become confident and fearless overcomers, embracing the life we were created and destined to live!

There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ; His love for us is unconditional and His desire is for us to live the abundant life He died to give us. Each chapter of this book builds upon the previous, leading the reader through teachings and revelations designed to:

  • Help us to understand ourselves, and the cause of habitual sin
  • Identify the gates giving the enemy access to our live
  • Cleanse the soul through prayers crafted to bring deliverance.
  • Become united with Christ in heart and mind

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