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ANNE REID – Prophetic Artist

I have great pleasure in introducing to our store, the work of a gifted emerging Prophetic Artist, and to shine a light on the incredible talent God has blessed her with.  Anne Reid has been blessed by God with a special ability to translate the images of heaven, the visions of God’s heart, and the activity of the Spirit into masterpieces that directly touch the human spirit.  God has used her as a conduit of the Holy Spirit to release life and colour on canvas that brings revelation of Heavenly realities.

Faith Marie Baczko

ANNE REID is a prophetic artist based in Oakville, Canada.  Specializing in acrylic abstract expressions, Anne’s deepest joy is to experience the glory realm in worship, and to share that experience with others through her paintings.

Anne has been involved in various aspects of the creative arts as a member of the Catch the Fire Toronto community for the past 23 years.   Currently, she is a member of the Studio 3 Artists’ Group of the Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre in Oakville, Ontario where she paints when she is not travelling or ministering in other capacities.

Visit our store for an selection of prints of Anne’s work.

For purchases of original pieces of her work she can be contacted at info@annereidartist.com




By Anne Reid

Beautiful voice. The sound of the ordinary man and woman who has the power to effect change in society through social media. Inspired by the historic events of November 2016 in the United States.  See more
















TOTO – By Anne Reid

This is one of the most interesting pieces I have done to date in that the subject matter was something outside my “ken” (knowing or understanding).   Sometime last fall I woke up with the song “Africa” by the band TOTO in my spirit.  See More

















COUNSEL – By Anne Reid

I began this piece in the prophetic style choosing the colours and applying them in what some might call a random fashion but which I prefer to call a Holy Spirit-led fashion that is informed by artistic training.  I do this to allow the river of creativity within me to flow out like a river of living water.    See more


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