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About Us

Who We Are

Headstone Publishing House is the publishing division of Headstone Ministries International. The books and resources we produce are intended to prepare believers, and to equip the end-time army that will run the race as authentic messengers who prepare the Way of the Lord.  The Headstone Series is a valuable resource for the preparation and building of the end-time Sanctuary that will receive Jesus at His Return.  The books in this Series each represent facets of this Sanctuary that must be either established or restored before Jesus returns; He is coming back for a Bride that is without spot or wrinkle, one whose hear, mind, and soul are wholeheartedly His.

Our plan is to also showcase books and resources that edify, inform and mobilize the Body of Christ for the times we live in. For enquiries about distribution or use of Headstone Publishing House resources please contact us. We also offer cover design, interior layout and editing services in a limited capacity.

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