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Prisoner Inside My Heart

A User Friendly Guide to Healing and Deliverance

Hitting a wall during the Inner Healing and Deliverance process causes our fight for freedom to come to a screeching halt. What we then need is a new tool to get behind the defensive walls, we`ve erected to protect our hearts. This book is a user friendly guide to put you back on the right track in finding your way out of the self created prison created within that keeps God, others, and even ourselves outside.

“This is a great book for people captured in prisons of hurt, wounds, trauma etc. Juanita Lubin details real life stories of people wounded by varying life circumstances and how they escaped those prisons of despair and devastation. She also outlines the steps to freedom one must take and how to remain free. Included in the back of the book are helpful tips such as identifying emotions. This is a great book, simple and insightful as well as totally encouraging for those who desire freedom from imprisoning life circumstances. It’s filled with life and hope!”

Barbara J Yoder – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lead Apostle, Shekinah Regional Equipping and Revival Center,

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