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Jesus – An Encounter

An Encounter

Written by Faith Marie Baczko

In this challenging and inspiring book, Faith Baczko invites you to take another look at Jesus—the One who gave value and worth to humanity, when He gave His life as a ransom in His superlative love for the world. The Sacrificial offering of His life, given as a ransom for ours has the power to transform the human heart, set it free from the shadows of iniquity, and release it into the Light of Divine Love.

The Blueprint

The Headstone Series – Book III

God’s Transcendent Plan of Redemption!

Israel is the entity through which God has chosen to begin and complete His purposes on Earth! God declared to Abraham that his offspring would be both as the sand of the sea—the beginning, and as the stars of Heaven—the completion. God revealed through the apostle Paul that Gentiles Christians have now been grafted into Israel and partake of the promises of God and of His Covenants with them. God’s ultimate purpose, as He has promised in His Word, is that He will make out of two – the Jewish people and Gentile Christians, one New Man – A New Man that will rise to become the eternal Dwelling place of God.

$7.50 $6.50
The Plumb Line

The Headstone Series – Book I

The Measure of the Stature of The Fullness of Christ!

Cleansing our lives of the ways, attitudes and mindsets that are not aligned to the Plumb Line of Christ is vital to our well being, especially during the turmoil and shakings the earth will experience. These un-Christ like ways prevent us from appropriating truth, and from seeing and receiving clear direction from the Lord.


$8.50 $7.50
Prisoner Inside My Heart

A User Friendly Guide to Healing and Deliverance

Hitting a wall during the Inner Healing and Deliverance process causes our fight for freedom to come to a screeching halt. What we then need is a new tool to get behind the defensive walls, we`ve erected to protect our hearts. This book is a user friendly guide to put you back on the right track in finding your way out of the self created prison created within that keeps God, others, and even ourselves outside.

“This is a great book for people captured in prisons of hurt, wounds, trauma etc. Juanita Lubin details real life stories of people wounded by varying life circumstances and how they escaped those prisons of despair and devastation. She also outlines the steps to freedom one must take and how to remain free. Included in the back of the book are helpful tips such as identifying emotions. This is a great book, simple and insightful as well as totally encouraging for those who desire freedom from imprisoning life circumstances. It’s filled with life and hope!”

Barbara J Yoder – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lead Apostle, Shekinah Regional Equipping and Revival Center,

$7.50 $6.50
The Gift

The Gift is a message of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; it is a little booklet that could be used to bring souls to the knowledge of Christ and into the kingdom of God. Churches and individuals can use this little booklet as an evangelistic tool in a variety of ways.

The Gift is available in English, Spanish, French and Hungarian

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A Su Imagen

La Serie La Piedra Principal

A imagen de Dios lo creó varón y hembra los creó

Este libro deja al descubierto el deseo de Dios y el destino ideado para Sus hijas en Su obra de reunir todas las cosas en Cristo al cierre de esta dispensación. La gran cantidad de mujeres que el día de hoy están siendo enviadas a cumplir roles de liderazgo en los ministerios dentro de la iglesia y el mundo, puede ser considerada como una fuerte señal de lo avanzado de la hora en que vivimos, ya que las mujeres han sido creadas para desempeñar un rol importante en la obra de preparación para el regreso del Señor. Dios está llamando a las mujeres a levantarse “para una ocasión como ésta.”

$6.50 $5.50
El Modelo

La Serie La Piedra Principal

¡El trascendente plan de Redención que tiene Dios!

La serie La Piedra Principal revela características de la Casa de Yahweh que son vitales para su término y consumación en Cristo. Cada libro en la serie tiene como objetivo traer a la luz facetas de la Piedra Clave del Templo de Dios, que son importantes para preparar el camino del regreso del Señor.

La Plomada

La Serie La Piedra Principal

A la Medida de la Estatura de la Plenitud de Cristo!

La Plomada de Dios es ‘El Cristo’, el Pilar que sostiene todas las cosas pertenecientes a la Casa de Yahweh. El Padre desea tener una Casa establecida en los cimientos que Él ha ordenado y que sea construida conforme a la huella de Jesuscristo, que esté limplia, sea pura de corazón, santa, y esté preparada como una Novia para Su Hijo Jesús.


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